Creating Your Website

Design & Build

Your website could be anything from one page to dozens of pages. Navigation between pages can be via a menu/sub-menu or through links placed throughout your content. Pages can consist of text, images or a combination of both; images can be static or sliding. Header and background images can be added and there are many different layouts to choose between. And that’s just the beginning!

It can be difficult to know what you want so it is helpful to look at other websites and make a note of the features you like. When we get together for your free one-hour consultation this is the time to tell me what is on your wish-list. Some features which may seem complex are actually not difficult to implement, so don’t be afraid to bring along a long list. Of course the converse can be true too, but during the course of our meeting we can discuss solutions which are within your budget.

After this meeting, we will propose a contract; as soon as the contract is finalized and signed we can start to make progress according to the agreed timeline. In an ideal world, you would know exactly how you would like the site to look and have all the materials (text, logos, photos) ready, but this is not always how things turn out. It is difficult to imagine how your site will look until some basic content is loaded, so there tends to be a lot of interaction between us during the early phases of a project as we experiment with different layouts and colour schemes. It is also natural that some of the content may only come into existence once the project is under way!

Once the web pages are built and approved (by you) the site will go “live”.

Maintain & Manage

Once your website is “live” it will to a large extent sit there operating the same way indefinitely. However, things are rapidly changing in the online world, with new features becoming available all the time and new security threats emerging. The WordPress software itself, as well as the “theme” you chose to use with it (the theme is a template around which your site is designed, which gives it its basic look), and the plug-ins (which give you a lot of the functionality) are all updated from time to time with new versions. With the exception of minor WordPress security updates, these updates will not install themselves, but we can work out a schedule on which we can take care of this for you.

A more regular occurrence is (or should be *) that you would like to add some new content, write a “News” article or “blog”, or make some other adjustment to the site. If you do not wish to learn how to update your website content yourself, we can work with you to define a custom service package for Maintenance and Content Management, whether that includes daily, weekly or less frequent changes.


If you are comfortable working with computers and have the time to learn how to use new software package, you may be interested in some training in how to use WordPress. This could be either so that you can build your own website, or so that you can maintain and manage the one which has been built for you. We would be happy to put together a Training Schedule including telephone support, to meet your specific needs. If you decide after all that learning the intricacies is not for you, then we can switch this to a Maintenance and Content Management Contract.

*Search engines catalogue billions of websites on the web, many millions of which are unused or dormant, but have not been removed. In an effort to return relevant results to users, the major search engine algorithms have been written so that they value frequently updated websites more than those which remain unchanged for long spells. If search engine performance is important to your company, it is recommended to post new material regularly. Many people do this by including a “blog” on their website. This is just a particular category of web-page which displays individual entries referred to as “posts” on WordPress.

Caledon Web Services is located in the Town of Caledon, 55km from downtown Toronto.

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