About Caledon Web Services

Amanda is the sole proprietor of Caledon Web Services. With a Physics degree from Oxford University, UK, she worked for 13 years as a scientist in the Semiconductor Industry in the UK, US and Canada, before a second career as a homemaker. While raising her son, she participated in many voluntary community organizations, pursuing her passion for nature conservation, gardening and her concerns about environmental issues. Her interest in renewable energy led to a temporary assignment where she gained experience with website maintenance. Impressed by the sophistication of the latest website authoring packages and excited by the challenge of building professional, multi-functional websites, she embarked on this, her third career, registering Caledon Web Services in January 2014.

About Your Website

The latest generation of self-authoring packages makes it possible for small businesses to build their own website, but  this is not a trivial task and people often find they need some help in getting started or managing their content. Our websites are built using WordPress*, a leading content management system which is simple enough for the layperson to use for basic tasks and yet powerful enough to produce a sophisticated website in the right hands. Today any business which does not have at least a basic website is putting itself at a disadvantage. Also, many existing websites need updating as more and more people use small-screen mobile devices to visit web pages. We can help bring you up to date.

* we can also help you with existing websites on other platforms

Caledon Web Services’ goal is to combine technical competence with affordability and excellent customer service while helping businesses, organizations and individuals to communicate their message in an accessible, effective manner.

Caledon Web Services is located in the Town of Caledon, 55km from downtown Toronto.

T: 647 920 9614
E: as@caledonwebservices.com

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