Caledon Web Services

Caledon Web Services’ goal is to combine technical competence with affordability and excellent customer service while helping businesses, organizations and individuals to communicate their message in an accessible, effective manner.

The availability of excellent tools like WordPress has made it possible for millions of people to build their own websites and blogs over the past few years, but learning all the intricacies is not for everyone.

    • Have you made a start on your website yourself, but have not been able to complete it or get it to look the way you want?
    • Do you need to update the site you made a few years ago but find you cannot afford the time to relearn all the steps….or you would like a quick refresher course?
    • Do you have a big show or a product launch coming up and you need some help in the short-term with creating and managing a page or pages dedicated to this campaign?

If you fit into any of these categories, phone or email to arrange a free consultation.

Excellent customer service is the top priority at Caledon Web Services.

Caledon Web Services is located in the Town of Caledon, 55km from downtown Toronto.

T: 647 920 9614